Hydrates and improves fine skin cells, heals and restores skin to its natural beauty.

Laboratory Tested -

"Works like a miracle!"

* minor cuts and wounds

* minor scrapes

* Shingles relief

* blisters

* sun burn

* diaper rash

* bruises

* gum irritation

* MERSA 100% (cotton)

* blemishes

* acne

Apply often.

Natural materials (oligosaccharides)

Organic/non-GMO/gluten free

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Tel: 970 988 7842
PO Box 1556
Berthoud, Colorado 80513

Smooth Skin Miracle and NuSkin National Independent Distributor
Smooth Skin Miracle

Natural Skin Healer and Rejuvenator

New skin care product -

Restores skin to its natural beauty. Blocks harmful climate-change effects (dryness, cracking, itching, redness, wounds, scaling, chaffing and flacky skin) and much more.

Smooth Skin Miracle 1.3 fl oz
Special aspirator fine mist bottle
includes purse friendly clear cap
$14.95 + (s&h $5)


also available on AMAZON.COM
1.3 fl oz
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